How to make money online from Graphics Designing?

Most of the people in my circle of friends are aware that I am a designer and earn (dal roti) while working online. The question that often comes from friends is how can we make money online if we learn graphics or web designing? So if you are a graphic or web designer or you want to become a graphic or web designer and make money by working online then today’s article is for you, today I will mention some of the sources and websites through which Designers can make money using their skills.

One thing I’ve said many times before is that making money online is harder than making money offline, but it’s not impossible at all. Anyone who has a skill and knows how to sell it Can make money while working online. To be successful in the online world, you must work on your skills as well as learn marketing or sales skills.

Here are 4 ways in which designers can make money online. Take one of these four methods and work on it day and night and earn a decent living for yourself.


Freelancing is a kind of job, but you get paid on the basis of projects instead of monthly. If you are an expert in your job, create your accounts today on various freelancing sites like Upwork, Firewall, Freelancer and other such reputable sites, complete them in every way and start applying for the projects there.

What is computer graphics for about forty years there can be answered, it is one of the many areas of computer science, and it also refers to the youngest. Like any other science, it has a specific subject, goals, methods and objectives.

Also learn marketing and how to take the first project on these sites with the help of Google teacher? Once the job is found, let the client do more work than expected and try to get work from him through referral. At the same time, build your website with the help of WordPress and make your portfolio better.

If you can’t find work with these websites, then you must visit social media sites, Facebook groups and LinkedIn. You may not succeed on one platform but don’t give up and keep trying. Focus on the success of the platform.
Once the initial success is achieved, try to get as much work as possible through referrals and at the same time keep your old clients connected to you. It is much easier to get a new job from an old client than to find a new one

Design competition

Another great way for a designer to make money online is through an Online Design Contest. If you can design logos or websites and are not afraid to be rejected, then online design competitions are for you. Many companies and individuals announce a design competition on various online websites that we need such a logo or website.

Then the different designers make the design according to the instructions given in this advertisement, usually the designers cannot see each other’s design, the purpose of this is that no one should copy the design of the other.

When all the designers submit all the designs, the person who started the competition declares one design as the winner and all the money is given to that designer. Popular websites for such competitions include 99design, designcontest, 48hourslogo, logomyway.

If you are a new designer then these design competitions can be useful for you in two ways. On the one hand, you can build your portfolio by participating in these competitions, and on the other hand, you have the opportunity to learn a lot when you compare and compare your work with the best people in your field.

Digital products

Another great way for a designer to earn money online is to create and sell digital products. You can create various Templates, Mockups, Actions and other such digital products and sell them on your website or through online marketplace websites such as GraphicRiver and creativemarket.

If you want to make money this way and get inspiration for this work, you must visit the websites CoverActionPro and CoverActionsPremium, both of which are selling different 3D PSD Templates / Mockup in one package. In addition to these two websites, DiyBookCovers, SketchAppSource, Ui8, are making money by doing such things.

You too can create digital products based on your skills and market needs, initially selling them on the online marketplace. Once done, create an online store with the help of WordPress, SiteGround and Easy Digital Download and start selling all the products through it.

E-books and courses

Another great source of online earning for a designer is selling online courses and e-books. The trend of online education is increasing day by day. This can be a great source of income for you if you specialize in one aspect of design and at the same time you are interested in teaching it to others.

After creating the course, you can sell it on online course websites like UDMA, Skill Share and if you want, you can also sell these courses through your WordPress website or Teachable.