Top Ten best softwares of all time | Buner tv

Top Ten best softwares of all time | Buner tv.
Top Ten best softwares of all time | Buner tv.

In the rapidly changing world of the past year, the new changes in the field of computer have been useful for mankind as well as astonishing. Pointing to this, our national poet, Allama Iqbal for decades He had already said that “what the eye sees cannot come to the lips. I wonder what will happen to the world.”

The process of revelations and inventions in the field of computer has entered our lives today. Feeling the same way, the article under review presents a very selective selection of the best software and websites of 2020 with the hope that this choice will be based on its convenience and usefulness. It will help you to make your daily life easier and more modern.

Clean Master

File size: 20, MB


For us Muslims, cleanliness is half the battle, but when it comes to computer performance, it can be said that for computers, “cleanliness is half speed.” Any computer user who cares about computer cleanliness will never have a computer. The programs that are commonly used to clean the computer’s hard disk, memory, and registry from unwanted content are called “system cleaners.”

By cleaning the necessary materials and garbage, they increase the speed and efficiency of the computer. CC Cleaner is the most used system cleaner in this regard in the world. We also do not deny the usefulness of CC Cleaner. But we claim that once you allow “CleanMaster” to clean your computer, then you will find it better than CC cleaner like us. You can use the features and beauty of “CleanMaster” for your CC cleaner. One step further in the competition.

The Android version of “Clean Master 6” is very popular all over the world. It has been downloaded more than 900 million times so far, which allows you to gauge its capabilities. The latest version of “Clean Master 6” is equipped with a number of additional features.

This program will run on your computer unnecessarily secretly. It also keeps a close eye on the Internet if you use it, and the added benefit that sets it apart from all other system cleaners is that it has something from the Internet world on your computer. You can download and install it for free on your computer and smartphone at the same time. Because of these attractive features. It can be called the best “system cleaner” of 2020.

XnView MP

File size: 25, MB


Don’t look at it with a smile. It will come to life in my picture. What the poet said in this poem can only be possible when there is really some “life” in the pictures you have made. Smartphones and digital cameras Many have made it easier for us to create images, but the problem of preserving them is still a problem today, even though there is more than one “image viewer” program for it.

Images are preserved in their original state and order so that they can view their own images and show them to others when needed. Choosing an image viewer is not so easy. Your wrong choice also affects the quality of your images. With all these things in mind, we are introducing to you the best image viewer of 2017 “XNViewMP”.

It is very simple, light and unusual compared to all other image viewer programs. XNVMP offers the ability to display and save images in more than 500 image formats. You can also scan and print your photos.

While screenshots of photos with detailed information can be seen in this program as well as any other program, not even a tenth of it is possible. XNWERMP is celebrating its twentieth anniversary in 2018, which is proof that it is not new in this field. So you can trust it blindly.

AVG Free Beta

File size: 4, MB


There was a time when when a person left home for a long journey, his beloved Imam used to tie a guarantee on his arm so that some protection could be arranged. Now neither that time nor those who care are happy.

People of faith. But we have to travel all over the world. That is, those who visit the villages of the world, Nagarnagar, on the Internet, must finally arrange something for their own safety, because there is more than one enemy of life on the Internet, the hacker. The “Ransomware” virus can kill you and the “Bluewheel game” can take your life.

But don’t worry, we tell you about an anti-virus that will rule you in 2020 after installing it. Your computer and all your loved ones who use it will be safe and secure forever. This Imam Zaman type anti-virus program is called “AVG Free Beta”. AVG is the most popular security in the world. There is a company that makes software.

So many anti-virus software developed by this company have gained popularity from its users. VG Free Beta is specially designed to protect against online hacker attacks, ransomware, spyware. It is very simple to use and unmatched in security. It allows your computer to receive infected emails, attachment files, downloads. And will provide complete protection from a contaminated website.

Zoom Player 14 Beta

File size: 92, MB


Watching or listening to movies, cartoons, dramas or songs on a computer can be frustrating when some of your media files refuse to run the media player you have installed. You need to have more than one media player installed.

Then on one player you watch MP3 video, on another you watch DVD movies, on another you watch MP4 cartoons and on another you play MP3 dramas. You may be wondering if there is any such video player for you.

The “Zoom Player 14 Beta” is a video player capable of playing all kinds of video and audio files. With “Zoom Player 14 Beta” You can also recognize and bookmark your video files while it also allows you to have more than one different mode of viewing the video, ie now you want to watch your favorite drama in “Theater Mode” or In Home mode. With this video player you can customize the sound and display of your video. An “all in one” video player.

Team Viewer 13

File size: 81, MB


TeamWeaver 13 is a simple, fast and secure computer control software that allows you to connect any computer around the world to your computer in a matter of seconds and perform all tasks in the same way. You do this on your computer. This software can be very useful when you are in your office and the computer in your house is broken but no one in the house knows the basics of computer.

With the help of this software you can connect to your computer and not only fix it but also copy the files in that computer to your office computer if you want. Team Weaver 13 gives you complete control over any computer, and if you want, you can put your computer under the control of another person.

Just keep in mind that an unknown person Do not invite “Weaver 13” to take control of your computer as it may compromise your computer. Use it and you don’t even know it. Therefore, only give the username and password of your computer created in “Team Viewer 13” to the person you have full trust and confidence.

Brave Web Browser

File size: 511, MB


Of course, most people around the world use Google’s “Chrome Browser” or Mozilla’s popular “Firefox Web Browser” to access the Internet. But in 2020, a web browser and a star on the Internet. The name of this browser is “Brow”.

This web browser called “Brow” is the brainchild of Brendan Eich, former CEO of Mozilla Firefox. After splitting from Mozilla, Brendan Erich decided to create a web browser that is free from ads and completely safe from hackers, and that could outperform Mozilla Firefox for its services.

Finally, his hard work paid off. In the form of “Bravo”, he presented a very beautiful and highly decorated web browser for the use of users. “Bravo” received a lot of praise from its users in 2020. Experts Calling it the web browser of the future, it doesn’t matter if you haven’t used it yet, it’s not too late. Install and enjoy one of the safest web browsers.

FoxIt Reader

File size: 15, MB


Books or magazines on the Internet are mostly available in PDF format. They require a PDF reader to read. Most people around the world use “Adobe PDF Reader” but this The biggest flaw in the program is that it is a heavy program. It also slows down your computer, which can cause you to have trouble reading books and magazines on the computer. It also has a number of additional features.

It allows you to edit the PDF file as you wish, while the added ability to highlight bookmarks and text adds four more moons. So read the books in it once. You too will be convinced of its easy choice.


File size: 98, MB


All computer users are well aware of the benefits of storing their most important data and for this they have a variety of data backup programs pre-installed on their computer so that from time to time their most important data But if you need a very powerful program for this work, we can help you achieve it.

Don’t worry, we will give you this program for free, not for free. Yes! FB Backup 7 is the most powerful and multipurpose data backup program available for free. With FB Backup 2 you can not only create your most important data backup on your hard disk and USB. Rather, it allows you to save data on almost every leading cloud storage service in the world.

The speed of this program in backing up data is unparalleled. If you use it once, you will be able to use it just like us.

WhatsApp Desktop

File size: 64, MB


Do you use WhatsApp on your smartphone? We know your answer is yes! I do. But do you also use your WhatsApp account on your desktop computer? Most readers will answer in the negative. However, you can also use your WhatsApp account on a computer. Yes! Now it is possible.

Download the “PC version” of WhatsApp from the official WhatsApp website link and install it on your computer. After installing this program on your computer screen, it will ask you Scan will be requested, now go to WhatsApp settings of your smartphone and scan “QR” from your computer screen.

\In a few seconds your WhatsApp account will also appear on your computer screen. Take it! Now you can use WhatsApp on your computer just like you use your smartphone.

HD Video Converter Factory

File size: 47, MB


“HD Video Converter Factory 11” proved in 2020. In the field of video converters, there is no competitor far and wide in the world of internet and this is not what we are saying, but the five free software providers around the world.

The biggest companies say. Experts believe that what HD Video Converter Factory 11 provides to its customers for free is that the big video converter software companies provide those services or services to their users even for a fee.

The fact is that even before 2020, this software used to provide its services for a small amount of money, but it is not known what came to the mind of the management of this company that they made this software absolutely free last year.

Without going into it, we would only advise you to download and install this software on your computer as soon as possible. God knows when the management of this company will start selling this unique software again.