Despite US and Indian sanctions, Tik Tak beat Facebook in popularity

Chinese lip-syncing app TikTok has been banned by India after US President Donald Trump announced a ban on the app, but despite all this, TikTok is still the most downloaded in the world. Has become an app.

According to Censor Tower reports, the Chinese app TikTok was the most downloaded in the world in August and the LipSink app has surpassed Facebook and Instagram.

According to reports, in the month of August, TikTok was the most downloaded app in the world, while Facebook came second and Instagram came third.

According to the Sensor Tower’s analytical report, Indonesia and Brazil are the most tick-tacking countries, with Indonesia accounting for 11% and Brazil for 9% of the total tick-downloaders.

The report further said that in August, TikTok was downloaded by 63.4 million users, which means that the download rate of TukTok increased by 1.7% this year as compared to August last year.

On the other hand, Facebook ranks second in the list of the most downloaded apps in the world, which was downloaded by 51.6 million users.

India and Indonesia are the countries that download the most Facebook, India accounts for 25% of the total Facebook downloaders and Indonesia accounts for 9%.

Also in the top 5 most downloaded apps in August are Instagram, SnapChat, and Pinterest.

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